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Episode 2-Primitive And Other Wools/Introduction To The Training Levels

March 22, 2010

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Primitive,  Double Coated, and “Hair” Wools

Types of Sheep From Sheep 101 website.

Breeds of Livestock/Sheep Part of Oklahoma State University extensive archive of domestic animal information.

Training Levels

Sue Ailsby’s Website Both her dogs and llamas.

Training Levels The main link to the information about the Training Levels.

Yahoo Email Group For The Training Levels An email based group where you can email back and forth with other people also working on the Training Levels with their dogs.

Level 1 Here are the behaviors and expectations for level 1.

Sue Ailsby’s Training Rules Good reading.

Training Levels Tracker An online source for keeping track of your training progress.  You can create an account and join in the fun.

Link to spread sheet to keep track of your training. This is in Google Documents.

The program for record keeping for the iPhone and the iPad Touch is called See Spot Sit and yes there is a cost for it 😦

You can contact me at clickspin at gmail dot com or as Ellenspn on Ravelry as well as leaving a comment on either iTunes or here on the blog.

The music for this podcast is  Smiling South by Brian Kelly and is courtesy of Music Alley.