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Episode 3- Finishing Your Handspun Yarn/Doggie Zen

April 20, 2010

Episode 3 <-Click Here to Listen!

Finishing Your Handspun

Fulling Yarn Part 1 Jasmine of The Knitmore Girls showing how to full a yarn.  Notice she is doing this to yak down.

Fulling Yarn Part 2 The rest of the fulling process.

Spunky Eclectic Amy King, author of Spin Control, website.

Sorry, Judith Mackenzie McCuin does not have a website.

Doggie Zen

Zen-Description from Sue’s Website.

Song And The Sheep How Sue Ailsby taught Song to behave herself around sheep.

Another story about Quark Written by the man who handled him during his VST attempts.

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The music for this podcast is  Smiling South by Brian Kelly and is courtesy of Music Alley.