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Episode 4: Caring For Your Wheel/Come

July 5, 2010

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Caring for your wheel

DO NOT OIL SEALED BEARINGS! This may cause the seal to fail and damage the bearings.  While sealed bearings will not last forever, they will last a long, long time before they have to be replaced.  For most normal handspinners you will never need to replace a sealed bearing in your wheel.

Basics for cleaning an antique wheel.


Come-Levels 1-7

Come Game– Listed under Level 1 Come

Monkey in the Middle– Over half way down the introduction page.

When I spoke of a separate podcast about Controlled Unleashed (CU), I meant a separate episode that rather than be about the Training Levels, will be about CU.   Heavens, one podcast is enough for me!

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The music for this podcast is  Smiling South by Brian Kelly and is courtesy of Music Alley.